About Us


Our History

A n earnest desire to live a clean, consecrated life according to the Most High’s commandments was the drive to begin The Way of Yah Synagogue of Yahusha, Inc. (TWOY), which was originally named The Way of God Church of the Lord Jesus, Inc. (TWOG). The Synagogue’s inaugural service was held on January 25, 2003, in the home of Pastor and founder Tony Smith. Only ten members  were in attendance, comprised mostly of immediate family. Committed to preaching the Q’dash Dabarym of Yah, Pastor Smith sought to lead a congregation of the Most High’s true Believers. By the preaching of the Dabarym, inspired by The Most High, the congregation grew over time both in number, knowledge and understanding.

Our Journey

A fter the worship services began to grow, The Way of Yah moved to Emerald Drive in Decatur, Georgia. Within a few months TWOY relocated to the South Dekalb Office Park on Rainbow Drive in Decatur. TWOY held worship services at that location for many years before moving to Glenwood Road in Decatur, Georgia. During that time, it was apparent that TWOY would continue to grow and it became necessary to have a permanent place of worship.

In the Spring of 2010, TWOY moved once more to a space located next door to a closed bowling alley. Through the series of relocating over the years, TWOY has been baruk with a core of members and supporters who remained with the fold. In 2011, while still searching for a permanent house of worship, TWOY found a location off Covington Hwy in Lithonia, Georgia. Despite the numerous moves, we trusted in the most High and remain focused on the Dabarym.  Through it all Yahuah has baruk us by increasing our knowledge and understanding and has given us the desire to build Yah a permanent house of worship.

The Dabarym

I n the Synagogue’s infancy, services were held on Sundays, and we celebrated Fifth Sunday fellowship. The assembly of believers referenced itself as a “church,” and little was known about intricacies of Yah’s statutes, laws and commandments.

Today the Synagogue hardly mirrors its original organization, with the exception of the drive to please the Most High Yahuah and achieve absolute-servility to His Dabarym. We are no longer a church, but now we know that we are a congregation, as in the yamym of Masha. We observe the Shabat according to His commandment, along with His Chadash (New) Moons and Feasts Yamym. We live clean lives, exhibited in not only how we care for our bodies and meticulously inspect our foods and drinks, but how we also diligently work to be bathed in perfect obedience.

But we know that perfection isn’t a simple task, but rather a journey. Our small body of believers is fully engaged in learning ancient Abarym (Hebrew), which is the language of our Fathers. Ever evolving, we appreciate the the Most High and his son Yahusha for increasing our faith and understanding.

Our Members

T he members of TWOY are representative of a variety cultures from across the globe (such as Japanese, Dutch, Belizean, Puerto Rican, Nigerian, Jamaican, Chinese, and Haitian), and have traveled from coast to coast (like Hawaii, California, Texas, Florida and New York) to find a shepherd at The Way of Yah. Despite our differences, collectively we are a single body… striving for the same mind and judgement that was manifested by our Husha Yahusha. While some of us are natural Abarym(Hebrews), as members we are all Yahudym by religion living Q’dash. As His body, we concede that to enter into the kingdom of Yah we must willfully submit to His Dabarym.