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W e believe that the understanding of Yah's Word would enrich your lives tremendously. Pastor Tony Smith is committed to equipping people of all ages and ethnicities all over the world with understanding and knowledge essential to live a Q'dash life according to Yah's divine Word. However, it is a necessity that true believers have a Pastor. We hope that what you have learned through the teaching has been a blessing to your lives. We appreciate our supporters and faithful viewers of this ministry.
Just want to say to Pastor Smith how wonderfully enriching it is to study with him on youtube, as he delivers the Word of God. Keep preaching God's Word because we need watchmen like you standing on the wall in these last and evil days. God Bless you and the Saints of your congregation. Peace.  

MA Paskins

The Most High YAH has used Pastor Tony Smith & TWOYS to be a perfect example of Quodesh living, & a blessing in my life in so many ways! I have been on this earth nearly 1/2 a Century, & I have NEVER heard the TRUTH preached &;amp; to learn that I/WE are the TRUE JEWS! The WHOLE Book is about Yeshua Messiah, & Salvation is of the JEWS who Obey his Laws & Commandments! Thank U ALL with LOVE from my heart!

Catrice D.

May YAH continue to bless this ministry. I have been following TWOY Synagoge for some years now and I must confess that it is is evident that the Ruach Ha Q'dash is present. Can't wait for this ministry to start subduing nations in Europe and all across the globe. Shalom Brethren.


After coming into the knowledge of who I was detstined to be, I have learned to lay my excuses down. The man of God has shown me how to tear down that roaring lion in the street, that has devoured so many of us.

Jeff S.

Praise Ye Yah in Yahusha's name, I thank the Most High,for also having mercy on my soul and allowing me to hear His Q'dash word through a man of Yah. From the day I started listening to His word, it has been a blessing to my life to know what the Most High requires from us (saints), it has always been my prayer that I will live a sin free life to be part of His saints. Yah bless you Pastor Tony Smith and the congregation.

Astrim A.

I spent most of my life wondering how I was supposed to live, giving a listening ear to elder men and their personal life doctrine, finding no consistency between them, and wondering what would become of me while living a life I never felt comfortable living. The word preached by a man chosen of Yah not only gave me the answers I searched for, but also enabled me to begin living a life acceptable to the Most High, and brought peace to my soul. I thank the Most High for this opportunity he has given me, and constantly strive to make the most of it through obedience to the gospel of Christ.

Calvin C.

The Word has truly been a blessing to me. The word "blessing" can take on different definitions for different people; for me, the Word showed me an accurate reflection of myself--who I truly was (fornicator, disobedient to parents, envious, hateful, prideful,...) and what I needed to do to fix me. I cannot say enough about it. A wise man said "information and application is power" that's what this Word is; hearing the Word and doing what is says truly is powerful. I am a living example.